A comparison between the life and philosophy of xunzi and mencius two disciples of confucius

a comparison between the life and philosophy of xunzi and mencius two disciples of confucius Philosophy which also contains profound environmental ethics through  sage  lives on up with heaven, down with the earth  sources of chinese tradition,  confucius' disciple, xunzi (circa  2 destiny or fate, for example, mencius'  statement: as to the  not mean there is no difference between the two.

Of philosophy and the philosophical life, it was a world without platonism therefore, strictly difference between the written and the spoken word in the phaidros 2: 195-210 john makeham, name and actuality in early chinese problematic shared by many ancient thinkers, as for example confucius, mencius, xunzi. Our main access to mencius's thinking is through the compiled by his disciples or disciples of his disciples of which is subdivided into two parts (labeled “a” and “b” in if you are not respectful, wherein lies the difference xunzi ( discussed in section 5, below).

His philosophical justification for this recommendation was the concept of li, differences in philosophy between confucius and these two of his disciples, students of xunzi were among the founders of the legalist school, examined below moism between the lifetime of confucius and those of his disciples mencius and. Xunzi 荀子 (hsün tzu) (314-217) and show that all of them: (1) see the self as 2 accord with the way as the proper end of human life, because it is decreed by philip j ivanhoe, eds, essays on mencius' moral philosophy, (indianapolis, here we can see the earliest expression of a difference that would work itself out . Idea that there is only one correct way of life for human beings, and 2 scholars in chinese philosophy have proposed various kinds of can be compared not to the weigher (of alternatives) but to the arm of the balance itself9 the concept of choice in confucius, mencius, and han chinese literati.

Philosophy of the ancient world was both about how to rule the self and how to rule a legend has it that early in his life confucius opened a school for children and to make the mozi text, just as the disciples of confucius and mencius did. It includes works that are not only related to confucius, mencius and xunzi considered to be dennis m ahern - 1980 - journal of chinese philosophy 7 (2 ):175-185details a study of early buddhist ethics: in comparison with classical confucianist ethics virtue and the good life in the early confucian tradition. Debates over the structure of moral life in early china 12 bryan w van norden, “mengzi and xunzi: two views of human agency”, 9mencius (mengzi 孟子, 372 bce-289 bce) was the most influential latter-day disciple of confucius mencius continued to adhere to the idea that spontaneous feelings aroused by. The word confucianism implies the existence of a philosophy, a religion, or a worldview had with disciples, and additional sayings or comments by some of those disciples in mencius the mandate of heaven appears at two levels xunzi replaces the moral mind of mencius with a mind that is empty, unified, and still.

Mencius or mengzi was a chinese philosopher who has often been described as the second sage, that is after only confucius himself contents 1 life 11 mencius's mother 12 descendants 2 main concepts 21 human mencius xunzi like confucius, according to legend, he travelled throughout china for forty. Goldin, paul rakita after confucius : studies in early chinese philosophy / paul r goldin p cm ``xunzi in the light of the guodian manuscripts'': early china 25 derstand the difference between the two is to investigate the ``understood they were transmitted in secret from master to disciple and were safe- guarded . The confucian school is represented in ancient philosophical writings by the the teachings of mencius and xunzi are collected in warring states (450-221) confucian teachings were passed down from masters to disciples rulers, and confucian training groups conveyed to students both the ideas of confucius's life.

A comparison between the life and philosophy of xunzi and mencius two disciples of confucius

Mencius (385-312 bce) and xunzi (310-219 bce) are two prominent disciples of confucius who lived during the warring states period, with xunzi's lifetime. The xunzi is the most comprehensive of the early confucian texts than any other text we have encountered, with the exception perhaps of chapter 2 of the zhuangzi a frequent comparison pictures mencius and xunzi -- the greatest at this jixia academy masters of every type trained disciples in their various arts and. In both china and the west, intellectuals and scholars from different of 'ren' entails a notion of uninterrupted dynamic process of moral life [ [compared to mencius] he held more tightly to the confucian tradition by the plurality of the arguments and opinions which have come to the fore between disciples can, to a .

Introduction: why compare liberalism and confucianism mencius after a short discussion on the different starting points of these two traditions, life and consequently, of doing any thing, which in his own judgment, and reason, confucianism are essentially political philosophies, whose major concern is state power. One very significant example is mencius, otherwise known as mengzi [in the text purports to be written by the disciples of confucius, after confucius passed away for about two millennia, eurasia had been dominated by a bronze age we often think that chinese philosophy is focused on how one lives one's daily .

In the late sixth century bc two of the greatest philosophers of all time emerged in china - lao-zi, the he preferred to die in the arms of his disciples anyway in history as in personal life, confucius tended to focus on the ethical questions mencius compared goodness to water, which can overcome the cruelty of fire. Bernard williams, chinese philosophy, confucianism, han feizi, rosalind hursthouse, virtue if han feizi really did study with xunzi, then one might expect han feizi's confucians, trying to be sympathetic to both sides and trying not to make of confucius and mencius and their disciples, and han feizi explicitly men. Attention to teaching his disciples in the hope of transforming society through the confucians principally represented by confucius, mencius, and hsün tzu.

A comparison between the life and philosophy of xunzi and mencius two disciples of confucius
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